Ali Ori
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7353 256th Avenue #140, Salem, WI 53168

Ali has a highly diverse professional & educational background that makes her a top realtor® for any real estate customer and client.  Ali graduated from Virginia Tech College top of her class accomplishing a B.S. in business management with a minor in business leadership.

Ali has very strong industry wide business & consumer knowledge which she has decided to share, apply, and contribute to the Southeastern Wisconsin, and Lake County Illinois real estate world.

Ali is a seasoned professional who has worked closely with both residential and commercial consumers, business owners, investors, and independent contractors. Ali is highly analytical, process orientated, and she possess high level communication skills. 

Ali has a clear mission and brand in the local real estate community. If you have a home or business, purchasing, selling, or building requirement – Turn To Ali for real estate.


  • High degree of alertness, competency, leadership, common sense, and resourcefulness as a leader and business professional

  • Ability to work in a fast pace, high stress, high pressure environment

  • Great communication & listening skills (computer, phone, written, oral, electronic)

  • Authentic and genuine passion for helping people& businesses become successful

  • Relevant investigative nature & high degree of professionalism

  • Inquisitive and engaging character

  • Ability to successfully interact & communicate on business, social, and interpersonal level